At KitaKurang, we care about every person’s weight-loss journey. Obesity has a direct impact on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) like diabetes, hypertension and high-cholesterol, and these ultimately lead to other complications (Health Risks).

Together with our panel of experts, we will help you reduce these risks in a MEDICAL, HEALTHY & SUSTAINABLE way. We offer a 12-month support programme that works alongside with the Swallowable Balloon which is a revolutionary medical weight loss device.

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The New Holistic Weight Loss Solution
Nutritional – Medical – Digital


The world’s first and only weight loss device that requires:

  • No surgery
  • No endoscopy**
  • No anesthesia

**Results may vary from one patient to another. A small percentage of patients don’t respond to the treatment

Kickstart Your Weight-Loss

The Kitakurang Programme starts with the outpatient 20-minute placement of a Swallowable Intragastric Balloon, that stays in your stomach for approximately 16 weeks.

The balloon is crucial in your weight loss programme as it takes up space in your stomach, giving you a feeling of fullness. This reduces hunger pangs and re-adjusts your mindset towards food to achieve and sustain weight loss.

Your long-term health is thus greatly improved with this weight loss success!


50.1%* of Malaysians are either overweight or obese.

73% of deaths in Malaysian government hospitals are due to obesity-related health issues**.

About 1.7 Million people have all 3 risk factors for diabetes, hypertension & high cholesterol, the main non-communicable diseases***.

* The National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) 2019
** The ASEAN Post Team. 11 May 2020
*** By CodeBlue | 29 May 2020


BMI Weight Status
Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5 - 22.9 Normal
23 - 24.9 Overweight
25 - 29.9 Obese I
30 and Above Obese II

What our patients say

My weight starting to drop from 89.2kg to 82kg in 2 weeks. My blood pressure has returned to normal levels too. I am shocked and really happy. Read more “Haslinda”

Haslinda, 48
Gleneagles KL

Since I was a child, my parents have always taught me to appreciate food and how they are made and that’s why I become a chef. Read more “Shahrul”

Shahrul, 35
UKM Specialist Center

Last year my HbA1c was 7.2 but now it is 5.9! My medication dose had been reduced due to this amazing improvement. Read more “Zarah”

Zarah, 41
Gleneagles Penang

The comparison has always been with myself to check how far I have come and I have not been in a good place since my weight gain. Read more “Hidayah”

Hidayah, 36
UKM Specialist Center